The Internal Market:
Ideas for Change

 An opportunity for Youth Workers & Non-Formal Educators to hear about new, innovative, and emerging practice 

Leave no-one behind - Empowerment for All: 

Gaia’s Municipal Plan for All Youth(s) 

Gaia European Youth Capital 2024 - Candidate City will show you how their Municipal Plan for All Youth(s) will ensure no young person is left behind by implementing Gaia's Youth(s) Municipal Plan to network and create opportunities for youth, agents, and youth organisations. They started a new journey of sharing and learning and you are invited to come and hear about it and maybe even participate in the plan.  To read more click here.  To find about more about Gaia’s Candidacy click here or follow the latest Facebook updates by clicking here

Gil Nunes

Youth Worker, Municipality of Gaia, Portugal 

Gil Nunes is a youth worker from the Municipality of Gaia.  He was part of the team that produced the #Gaia2024 – European Youth Capital Application letter.  He is participating actively on some projects – Participatory Budgeting for Youth and Ricardo Quaresma scholarships among others.  He is also the Ambassador of the European Platform on Learning Mobility for Portugal, appointed by EU-COE Youth Partnership. 


He is also a novelist with five books published and these are available in all good Portuguese bookstores.  For several years he also worked as a football scout and as a sports journalist for national and international publications.  He keeps his work as a football commentator and sports expert for Russian press with regular participation. 

It takes a village to raise a community:
Family Volunteering

Whilst not a new concept, Family Volunteering is not widespread either. Studies show that by involving families in volunteering programmes, it brings many benefits for everyone involved. Families that spend quality time together, grow together.  Family Volunteering Programmes can be as different as the organisations that run them, but they do have some important and common characteristics. To find out more and some of the evidence to support the benefits of this programme come along and sign up for this workshop.  To read more click here.  To find about more about Family Volunteering click here. 

Diana Bere

Programme Manager and Trainer, Pro Vobis, Romania 

Diana Bere is passionate about the intersection of volunteer management and education.  Diana has amassed experience over the last six years as Programme Manager and Trainer at Pro Vobis, and as a Festival Volunteer Manager at Transylvania International Film Festival.  Her involvement in TIFF offers direct involvement in practical matters of volunteer management whilst developing and implementing programmes and projects within the National Resource Centre for Volunteering has allowed her to gather extensive knowledge in the theories underpinning successful volunteer management programmes. 

Hélice: A reaction force for good 

Hélice is a collection of helical fins, multicoloured of course, that as a whole rotate around a common axis, producing a reaction force which displaces the fluid they are in and serves as a propellant. This means when the wind blows, or the waves crash, Hélice sets in motion.  One fin, alone, can make a splash, but together with the rest, as different as possible each to the other, they can forge forwards and drive a new course, creating a new current.  And when things get tough, we work together, Helice is a propeller model towards change. Intrigued?  Why not come along and find out what the Hélice is going on!  To read more click here

Morgaine Green

Otra Escuela association, freelance trainer, and founder of Hélice association, Spain 

Morgaine Green dedicates her working life to personal and social change and growth through artistic “languages" and creativity.  She holds a Master’s in Culture of Peace, Conflict, Education and Human Rights, and has amassed experience and knowledge through complementary studies and training in a wide variety of areas including project design with gender perspective, art therapy, social intercultural mediation through art and positive transformation of conflicts through art and play. 

A large part of her professional career has focused on social intervention and mediation with young people with diverse abilities as well as community art programmes including theatre, dance, clown, storytelling, graffiti, interactive games, photography, and videoart.  She also plays and teaches Afrobrazilian percussion, and is a keen enthusiast of tap dancing, creative writing, and body percussion. 

The Colours of feelings and needs:
what colour are you feeling? 

The aim of ‘The colours of feelings and needs’ is to support people in acquiring and developing the ability to identify, express, interpret and reflect upon their own feelings and needs.  We equip practitioners - as educators, trainers, and youth workers – with an innovative tool in the form of illustrated cards of feelings and needs.  By offering the set of cards which consists of 4 different painting styles we offer a tool to reach a much wider public.  Each painting style is a different language of communication.  Everyone can find their own card!  Why not come and find out the colour of your card.  To find out more click here.  You can also access the website here

Dagna Gmitrowicz, Art Therapist and Trainer, Germany, and
Marta Brzezińska-Hubert, Trainer and Sociologist, Poland

Dagna Gmitrowicz, MA – initiator and co-ordinator of The Colours of feelings and needs project, artist, art therapist and senior trainer for Erasmus+ and ESC and is currently living in Berlin.  To find out more click here.

Marta Brzezińska-Hubert is based in Warsaw and is a trainer and sociologist working in Erasmus+, ESC and several institutions in the area of intercultural and non-formal learning. She is President of ARTE EGO Foundation and has been involved in research and co-ordination of The Colours of feelings and needs project.

Community Hubs:

Creating Safe Spaces for Empowerment 

How important is it to create safe spaces for people to meet, be that in a City, Town, or a local parish?  Safe spaces are essential to the creation and solving of local issues.  Empowering local people to create social action projects will of course never be a bad idea but how to create the space is the key question.  It might be easier if each Community Hub was connected to an international network or other hubs to share their own project on a Virtual Learning Environment.  Four Key Principles can make this happen.  Want to find out more about what they are and learn about how to create your own Community Hub then join this session. To find out more click here

Nathan Hamer

Youth Leader & Project Administrator, England 

‘During my apprenticeship working as a Project Administrator on the NCS (National Civil Service) Programme in North East Derbyshire, England, I was introduced to the ‘world’ of non-formal education, youth work and social action.  Since then, I’ve continued to gain experience in ‘the field,’ primarily through Erasmus+.  The concept I will be sharing stems from my belief that the most sustainable way to achieve positive social change, is for everybody to make their own part of the world a nicer place to live.’ 

Radio YNP:
Using the airwaves to broadcast peace among young people 

Radio YNP is a youth-led online radio station representing the Youth Network for Peace programme funded by SEUPB (Special European Union Programmes Body) through what is commonly known in Northern Ireland as PEACE Funding.  Formed in 2018, Radio YNP was launched alongside the Youth Network for Peace programme to provide a platform for the young voices of Northern Ireland and the 6 border counties of the Republic of Ireland. Youth Action NI lead the project, training a team of young broadcasters from their Belfast studio to produce daily content on a range of topics from Political programmes to Top 40 countdowns.  Since its launch, the station has reached over 25,000 listeners.   To find out more click here.  To find out more about the Youth Network for Peace click here

Sean McDonnell 

Radio YNP Station Co-ordinator, Northern Ireland

 ‘I started working for Youth Action NI in February 2018 to help develop a new online radio station for the Youth Network for Peace programme and the result was the launch of Radio YNP in May of that year. I help manage the station, present my show called "YNP Live Sessions" and help to show new recruits and team members the ropes when it comes to making their own show on Radio YNP.’ 

Stepping outside ‘the Bubble’:
Youth Work goes International

The workshop is focussing on the topic Internationalization of non-formal institutions, especially in the youth work sector.  Based on a pilot project in Germany it gives an example on how much resources (human, financial, time, motivation, communication…) is required from conception, i.e., the idea through to the ‘end.’ It also reflects the setting, the methodology behind and the dynamics of such process, the ‘ups and downs.’  Last (but not least) the speaker gives some insights on how easily you can fail and what are the lesson learned. 

Kerstin Giebel 

Youth Work Trainer and Programme Manager, Germany 

Kerstin Giebel, formerly of the GDR (German Democratic Republic) has Diplomas in Pedagogy, Psychology and Business Economy and Law.  Kerstin’s background stretches across several as a Scientific Programme Manager in early childhood, Teacher in psychology and pedagogics and as a Youth Work Trainer and Programme Manager in a Workcamp Organization (IJGD) in Saxony-Anhalt, Germany.  For more than 21 years she works as a programme coordinator for IJAB – International Youth Service of Federal Republic of Germany. She has led on several pilot projects including No hate Speech and has a long history of working in Intercultural learning settings.  She speaks several languages including Russian, German, and English.  To find out more click here

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